About Us

Nick and I have been married for almost 12 years. We have 3 beautiful biological children, Mia 9, Michael 8, and Elizabeth 4. Our life revolves around our love of Jesus Christ and of each other. We firmly believe that's the only way that our life works.

Our road to adoption has been long and circuitous beginning nearly 8 years ago. We had tossed around the idea of adoption since our son was born but I loved being pregnant and wasn't sold on the idea. In 2008, when Nick was a brand new believer and we had 2 very small children, our church was having an adoption conference that hosted different speakers and organizations and my husband decided to attend.

My husband came home from that conference energized and excited. He had dollar amounts, agency phone numbers and information just spilling out of a folder. We went out to eat and talked about it in detail. I remember looking at it all and thinking it was overwhelming and not being sure that this was what God had in store for us. I still wasn't on board completely so the whole topic got shelved again.

Allow me to fast forward to the end of 2008/beginning of 2009. I was ready for baby number 3 and Nick brought up the idea of adoption again. Our lives had changed a great deal since the first time we spoke about it. We were both in school again, me for Early Childhood Education, and Nick for Theology and Biblical Studies. We had been blessed by hosting a wonderful foreign exchange student teenager from South Korea. Our kids were getting older and I missed the baby stage. I also missed being pregnant. Yet again, I just wasn't completely sold on the idea of adoption. We prayed about it and talked about it at length. We reached a compromise about the same time I discovered I was pregnant with our 3rd. That pregnancy was not nearly as fun as the other two. It was exhausting and difficult and with work and school, I was more than ready for it to be over.

God's timing is just amazing. Once our beautiful baby girl was born in September 2009 and I was filled with such a peace and contentment about not having any more biological children of our own. The yearning to have 1 more pregnancy was completely gone. I wanted to look into adoption right away. Nick convinced me to just hold on and let our little girl get a little older. We felt that it was best that I quit my full-time job and stay home with our amazing children with some intern work at a local day care center where I was exposed to numerous children with special needs.

In May of 2011, I went to the same adoption conference that Nick went to years before. I learned some amazing things and God just opened my eyes to the needs of these beautiful children all over the world. I met our adoption counselor there and spoke to her at length regarding our hope to adopt and not having a clear direction. When she heard that we were looking for a boy over the age of 3, she told me of their programs in China and Hong Kong. Similar to Nick’s experience, with all the information I received that day, that conversation really stuck with me and I found a passion for adoption.

I came home just as excited as Nick was the last time. We filled out our online application and haven't looked back. God has just been showing us His hands are involved in this and we are confident in His plans for our family. When I received the phone call that we were matched to the precious little boy that we had been praying for, I had to sit and cry. I had the most amazing sense of wonder and fear. It was the exact same way I felt when they placed each of my children in my arms for the first time! Not too long after that, word came that we were being denied the ability to adopt that little boy because of a change in the rules for China. We mourned that loss as if he were our own. We regrouped and prayed and decided to persue adoption in Hong Kong. We were matched with another amazing little guy and I am so excited to go get our son and hold him for the first time. I am amazed at how much I love this little boy that I have never met. I just keep praying for him, like I do with my other kids, but these are prayers for peace and love and confidence to know we are coming to get him soon!