Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home - Week 1

So I know I owe everyone a blog post. I hate those blogs where they post every day about their travels and then they drop off the face of the earth. I wanted to know what happened next! Well, I now understand it. Jet lag and laundry and kids and crazy means it was a LONG week!

First off, Manny is doing as well as can be expected when you pack up his entire life into 1 suitcase and 1 backpack and move him to the other side of the planet. Honestly, he is doing better than that. There have been more laughs and giggles and dancing than I thought there would be.

I have learned that he needs his own stuff – clothes, toys, books – stuff. He needs to feel as if he has things that are all his own. I have learned that Mikey needs some time away. He loves his brother dearly but sharing everything every waking moment gets really old really quickly. I have learned that it will be a day by day process to teach “gentle” and “no hit” but it will get easier. I have started to learn what trips meltdowns and I have learned just how bad those meltdowns can be. I have learned how hard those meltdowns are on the other kids because they don't understand and don't know what to do to help.

I have learned that Manny loves roller skating and he is a speed demon! I thought he'd be hesitant to try something he's never done before and at a loud, sometimes dark, chaotic roller rink but nope, this kid went all in even with the bumps and bruises he got.

I also watched this little guy get painfully shy when oodles of loving people wanted to say hi at church and I watched him try to get a handle on it by hanging on to his Spider-man figurine like it would come save him.

He is learning every day, we are learning every day, how to function as a family of 6. The kitchen is finally getting back in order and the laundry is almost caught up. We are trying to figure out our new normal. I will try to post consistently since so many folks have said they are following our story. Have patience if I don't quite make it. Quiet is a little hard to come by these days. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 7 - Last Day in HK

Today was our last day here and we braved Disneyland Honk Kong. Yep, I think our day was pretty self-explanatory. The only downside is that it rained for most of our day. Not a minor drizzle, but a full on downpour for a large portion of it. We also took Manny on Space Mountain first – we should have learned with Mikey but no - we had to terrorize Manny too. I will leave you with pictures of our soggy but fun day while I go pack.
Our Soggy Start

Daddy and Manny (with the tiny castle and mountains in the background)

Tomorrowland fun with Daddy and Manny

Mommy and Manny on the rocket ships in Tomorrowland

Mommy and Manny on the cars - Autopia

Manny posing with Buzz

Manny trying to pull the sword from the stone.

Tea Cups!

Posing with my favorite little alien.

Mommy and Manny on the Slinky Dog ride.

The Mystical Manor

Planes 2 Helicopter

Jack Sparrow - HK style

Treat time, sweet kitty.

The entrance to Disneyland Hong Kong

Finally a family shot.