09/14/2011     Formal Application to Bethany Sent
09/27/2011    Formal Application Approved
04/11/2012     Home Study Completed
04/22/2012    Requested to be matched with our son
05/01/2012    Initial match confirmed
05/21/2012    Letter Of Intent sent
06/18/2012    I-800 Provisional Approval
07/02/2012   PA (pre-approval) received from CCCWA
08/17/2012    Dossier sent to BCS 
08/31/2012    Dossier sent to China
09/05/2012   Received LID (Log-In Date)
10/11/2012    Received formal notification of denial from China
12/10/2012    Amended Home Study for Hong Kong
02/01/2013   Chose Man Ting and received all records
04/08/2013   Dossier for Hong Kong completed
04/20/2013   Dossier hand carried to MI BCS office
05/03/2013   Dossier sent to Hong Kong
06/08/2013   Received our IL state Foster License
07/08/2013   Received brief update on Man Ting's medical problems. Waiting for more...
07/30/2013   Received update on Man Ting including pictures and medical reports
08/05/2013   Submitted I-800 A extension
09/16/2013   Received I-800 A extension approval
10/08/2013   Received Man Ting's update on his new school
10/14/2013   Received our Formal Approval from Hong Kong
12/16/2013   Submitted I-800 forms to USCIS
01/06/2014  Received Provisional I-800 approval from USCIS
01/13/2014  Received updated pictures and notice of English lessons for Man Ting
01/14/2014  Sent movie, photo album, and gifts to Man Ting
02/26/2014  Received approval from NVC and forwarded on to Hong Kong
02/27/2014  Man Ting's Birthday
03/10/2014  Article 5 approved
05/28/2014  Received initial travel dates
06/14/2014  Travel to Hong Kong
06/17/2014  Meet Manny for the 1st time