Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 7 - Last Day in HK

Today was our last day here and we braved Disneyland Honk Kong. Yep, I think our day was pretty self-explanatory. The only downside is that it rained for most of our day. Not a minor drizzle, but a full on downpour for a large portion of it. We also took Manny on Space Mountain first – we should have learned with Mikey but no - we had to terrorize Manny too. I will leave you with pictures of our soggy but fun day while I go pack.
Our Soggy Start

Daddy and Manny (with the tiny castle and mountains in the background)

Tomorrowland fun with Daddy and Manny

Mommy and Manny on the rocket ships in Tomorrowland

Mommy and Manny on the cars - Autopia

Manny posing with Buzz

Manny trying to pull the sword from the stone.

Tea Cups!

Posing with my favorite little alien.

Mommy and Manny on the Slinky Dog ride.

The Mystical Manor

Planes 2 Helicopter

Jack Sparrow - HK style

Treat time, sweet kitty.

The entrance to Disneyland Hong Kong

Finally a family shot.